Our mission is to significantly reduce or eliminate the polycarbonate waste going into landfills each year while making it cost neutral for optical labs

Each year nearly 75,000,000 pairs of eyeglasses are made in the U.S.  When making the lenses, over 75% of the material is shaved away as waste.  This polycarbonate does not biodegrade.  At the current rate of growth and use of polycarbonate lenses, the vision industry will be dumping over 35,000 TONS of this plastic waste into the landfills over the next five years. The BPA and coolant contaminates in eyeglass swarf may leach into the ground water table and impact the ecosystem

  • Our first major initiative is to reuse or recycle the waste generated from manufacturing more than 75,000,000 pairs of eyeglass lenses each year in the United States. This mostly-polycarbonate waste stream is referred to as “swarf” and is generated by all major optical labs in the United States including Walmart, Zeiss, Essilor, Hoya, etc
  • Our goal is to develop processes to either clean the polycarbonate waste or identify opportunities in which swarf could be reused as-is in other products.