ReVision Solutions is a research and development company dedicated to solving the growing problem of hard to recycle plastic waste going into landfills.


The Problem


Most plastic products end up in local landfills; either because there is no way to recycle the plastic, or because there is no logistics setup to do so. Although recycling benefits the planet, it must also be profitable and sustainable so companies are attracted to the solutions. Revision Solutions focuses on material science research and development to create unique solutions for extracting contaminants and separating out valuable materials in a cost efficient manner. 

We work with large consumer product companies to solve some of their most difficult challenges.

Our Approach

colorado university.jpg

We have partnered with University of Colorado, giving it access to world renowned faculty, staff and students with a focus on recycling technology, environmental studies and social impact.  By leveraging the resources of the university, ReVision has been able to significantly advance its research timeline and develop scale-able solutions which will be further validated. 

Our goal is to develop processes to either clean the polycarbonate waste or identify opportunities in which swarf could be reused as-is in other products.

Why Boulder, Colorado


Boulder, Colorado is at the epicenter of sustainability, environmental research and entrepreneurship.  

“The waste generated from producing eyeglass lenses is a huge problem for the optical industry and one we want to help solve."  The Vision Council